Conversor Assistive Listening Device

AES are proud to sell Conversor devices and run the official Conversor repair centre; our ethos is focused on using forward-thinking technology to help people in their homes and businesses and the Conversor is a great example of this.

hearing aid, assisted listening device, wireless hearing aid
The Conversor Pro

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The portable assisted listening device gives users a personalised solution to hearing loss with a wearable pendant and wireless directional microphone that filters out background noise.


Paired with headphones, earphones or just a pendant receiver, the Conversor Pro can be used up to 40 metres away from the speaker and up to 80 metres when outdoors. The handset can be switched from group mode to single speaker mode depending on who the user wishes to listen to.


Limited offer: The latest model, the Conversor Pro, can be purchased on offer until 30th June 2018 for only £349 (RRP: £369) with a complimentary TV Pro upgrade, or £299 as an upgrade when you return your old Conversor.


  • The Conversor Pro works with your loop-equipped hearing instrument
  • Has a removable battery
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • The TV Pro allows users to place a receptor unit next to their television and adjust the volume on their Conversor Pro for their comfort, independently of other people in the room.
assisted listening device, wireless listening device, hearing aid, wireless hearing aid
The Conversor TV Pro


For help with your Conversor or enquiries please call 02071935936 (we make every effort to speak slowly and clearly).

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