Precision electronic violin pickup

AES designed and manufactured Vivo electronic violin pickups, providing a natural amplified sound for professional musicians. This solution means that violinists can move freely around the stage without being restricted by playing into a microphone.


SOS: Safe or Sound

The team at AES created the electronic components for the SOS anti-theft device. Attached to high-value display products such as handbags and pushchairs in John Lewis Oxford Street, the alarm on the device stayed silent as long as it stayed within a few metres of the transmitter on the display stand.



AES acted as consultants for Baitboat (a fishing device that remotely drops bait in an area densely populated with fish) , analysing the design of the functional parts. AES designed and manufactured a new circuit that incorporated two fixed fans activated with a conventional remote control, instead of a less-efficient propellor and rudder that often became tangled in weeds.



AES consult with businesses to increase economic efficiency and create products such as gas boiler economisers and voltage optimisers. We have worked in the UAE on new building developments to ensure that the utility components within the buildings provide the most economic efficiency for developers and users.


Smart Scout

AES designed and manufactured Smart Scout, a remote monitoring device for streetlights. The system was implemented throughout Surrey and enabled local authorities to save money on labour as well as increasing safety for workers.


Customised Tough Case

AES design and manufacture customised tough cases for electronic devices. Examples of previous AES tough cases include as protection for monitoring devices, remote control devices and radios.


Tofco CPP TVR “Tofco Voltage Regulator

AES partnered with Tofco to design and manufacture a range of automatic mains voltage regulators which correct for cable voltage drops or over-voltage in street lighting supplies.